Welcome A.Prof.Wael Yafooz from Al Madianh International University, Malaysia to be Conference Chairman!

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A.Prof.Wael Yafooz

Dean, Faculty computer and information technology, Al Madianh International University, Malaysia

Research Area:Big data, data management, data mining , databases

Research experience:

Wael Yafooz is associate professor in information technology department at al-madinah international university (Malaysia). He is a dean of faculty of computer and information technology. He   received his  bachelor degree and Master of Science in Computer Science from Egypt and university of MARA Technology (UiTM) - Malaysia. During his studies in the Malaysia, he was awarded Gold and silver Medals for his contribution in innovation and invention in area of computer science from internationals expo. He chair and member of committees of many international conferences.  He received his PhD in Computer Science in 2014 from the University of MARA Technology (UiTM). Her research interest includes big data, data mining, databases  and data management.

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