Welcome Prof.Zhengxiang Xie from Medical informatics college of Chongqing University,China to be Committee member!

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A.Prof.Zhengxiang Xie

Professor of Medical informatics college Chongqing University,China

Research Area:Biomedical signal and image processing

Research experience:

In the field of signal processing, we derived a new amplitude-squared coherence function, experimentally determined the three-band method of the heart period signal(HRV) spectrum and its physiological and clinical significance, and established a theory and method of single extraction of brain evoked potentials.
In the field of image enhancement, we defined five visual quality parameters, experimentally discovered the existence of the best quality image of the object, proposed a new NR-IQA method, presented a measurement theory and method of enhanced image distortion(fidelity), proposed an adaptive image enhancement method that meets the requirements of fidelity without setting parameters, have been studying a theory and method of image enhancement that satisfies fidelity and is based on information theory

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