Welcome Prof.Najeeb Abbas Al-Sammarraie from Al-Madinah International University-Faculty of Computer and Information Technology,Malaysia to be the Keynote Speaker!

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A Prof.Najeeb Abbas Al-Sammarraie

Al-Madinah International University-Faculty of Computer and Information Technology

Speech Title: Challenges and issues of E-Learning

Speech Abstract: The speech address an important aspect that has a direct impact on the development of the philosophy of learning and e-learning. It is an important as a part of the infrastructure to build an integrated system of education.   In addition, discuss the development of learning / E-learning and then show the impact of new technology on education. Computer science now in virtually in somehow affect all areas of our life. Learning one area which have significant revolution. Technology nowadays, however deeply impacts learning.

Nowadays with rapid advancement of technology, teachers using technology today to help them improve the education Pedagogy, and move from face-to-face learning to E-learning.

E-Learning can be look in different views to different people. Many aliases such As Distance learning, online learning, Electronic Training, and electronic performance support. Therefore, this talk focus on Impacts of E-Learning as well as the new technologies as well as the challenges. Thus, understanding probably the clearest barrier to learning online is the technology: hardware, software, and being able to use it all, the E-learning to be effective so we will understand how to be effected be new technology.

In order for e-learning to be effective we must be able to measure e-learning effectiveness, the impact of e-learning can also be measured based on the contentment of the learners. The expertise gained have a direct correlation to the impact of an e-learning program. If the learners do not gain the desired skillfulness even after taking the e-learning program, then it would be characterize ineffectual. The number of leaners complete the course can be one of the criteria to measure the efficacy and performance of e-learning program, also the program considered successful if it fulfilled the required Institute   approach. Once have full view of the effectiveness of e-learning can look at how the new technology will Impacts E-Learning. New technology offer significant opportunities for collaboration, there are various directions in which new technology has made education more attainable, new technologies have made it less costly for learners to get the study or test elaboration that they need. This not only makes learning opportunities far more accessible, but it also evens the playing field between learners who may come from different economic backgrounds.

The shape of new technology can be define by Cloud Computing which is new model based on the network computing, and virtualization technology. Particularly in the area of education, this technology will provide a powerful platform to the future of e-learning, include safe data storage the schools can save money through using technology even it expensive. Using electronic documents and virtual environment will learner more experiences.

Many Challenges and issues concerning E-learning, all based on the environments of the researchers. In general, the key points of challenge is:

  1. Not every online learner obliged, they probably distraught, or work.

  2. In fact e-learning budgets will be limited by the financial resources

  3. New technology  tools , improve  very fast, the challenge here, is which technology  worth employment

  4. Finding new path to plan and create e-learning courses for different generations.

  5. Finding new intellect to create learning content, will be a great movement.

  6. The challenge to select a new e-learning tools or new  management system very difficult,

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